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What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of increasing web traffic by enhancing the visibility of a website or webpage to users of a web search engine. In other words, it is the most functional use of your webpage to answer specific search terms by the users.

There are many Professional SEO Service provider company that help in optimizing your websites according to search engines. For the betterment of your website and to increase web traffic, you need a Professional SEO Service by an appropriate provider like Outsource2BD. Most of us rely on search engines such as Google to find what we want. Google uses over 200 factors in algorithm to show relevant search results. If your website is at the top of the results, it would get more traffic as more people would click on it after searching for their desired material.

We’ve Outsource2BD help your website traffic more than 500% in Less than 6 month.

seo service company

Why SEO services are needed?

Over 90% users try to find their desired result on the very first page shown by Google. If they don’t find their result, they don’t consider going to the remaining web pages after the first page and just modify or adjust their search terms and try again.

63,000 Search per Second on Google would you amazing? 

This is why optimizing every website is so important. When people search for something relevant and they find your website at the top or at the very first page, they click on your website and find the exact material what they need. These are usually those people who later turn into your customers or subscribers. But if your website is not in the top results, no one would be able to find it!

Billions of people search things on Google each day. Professional SEO Service helps in putting your website content in front of people when they search for it. It shows your website at first page before your competitor websites to the users who search for a service you provide. SEO is the clarified form of direct marketing. People search and you are there to assist them directly. 

Just having a website and selling good services through it would not help you to beat your competitor websites. That’s why Professional SEO services are much needed to enhance your business on web to increase web traffic. If your website would not be in the top of the list, you won’t be able to reach your customers. SEO helps in ranking your website higher when specific keywords related to your website are searched. When your websites or web pages get higher ranking, it helps more people to reach you easily. Moreover, your website must contain the content that people are looking for. We outsource2BD as best seo agency Dhaka helps in arranging your website in a way that gains people attention.

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Recent Work 

Case Study of Computer Village website [Ranked #1 Almost 100+ keywords]

Our first aim to research your competitor and set a proper strategy how to bet them. While we already say we are the best seo service provider in Bangladesh, we also have success case study. 

Computer village Domain age almost 10+ years, and they establish their eCommerce website in 2014. But we started Village BD project in November 2016 and we start our on-page work for this website. 

When we start we see only for some brand able keywords they ranked 

  • 1-3 position 10-15 keywords 
  • 4-10 they have 10+ keywords  

January 2017 Finally we launch computer village website and submit URL on google.  

seo service company

Then outsource2BD expert SEO team start working for Link building/off page SEO and now you see the result. they are now generate almost 3000+ visitors per day.

We optimized their every single product image, URL, Meta title, Meta description etc. we try to optimzied every single catagories and try to reach firest page for every important keywords. 

In the mean time brand value is also very important for every business and for that we try to build “computer village” brand value and now village bd have 3,00000+ Facebook page likes. 

From google webmaster and google analytic we found almost 2000+ keywords place first 1-10 (means google first page) google positions. 

Today Computer village is one of the largest eCommerce platform and leading retail store for Laptop, computer and all it accessories. 

How we implement SEO?

SEO enhances your website design and content to make it attractive to search engines. After analyzing your website and requirements, our Professional SEO Service experts care about what keywords are your visitors likely to search for your products or services. As more than 80% of people do online research before making a purchase, we know how much it’s important for a website to be at top rankings to get visited. 46% of all the searches on Google are of a local business or service, so we understand the value of your service providing website. 

We optimize your site by applying techniques that act as signals to search engines. Following are some of those techniques:

Website Analysis: After you provide us your website on which the SEO services need to be applied, we analyze your website and requirements.  We check for further steps to be taken to make your website look perfect and get a higher rank.

Content Competition and Competitor Analysis: We compare the content competition of your website with other related websites and analyze your competitor websites as well. So we enhance the quality of your site by making the content different or better accordingly.

Content Design: Our company has the best SEO experts of Bangladesh. We have quality designers, developers, digital marketers and video animators who provide you the best SEO experience. We also create and optimized Video when clients need YouTube video marketing service. Many people come to our company with best written content on their site but still the site does not look attractive. We help them in that. We upgrade the website by inserting suitable content related images and designs that attract the users. We add blog post banners to your site to make the content look nice and help your site get more visitors!

Graphics Design: We know the importance of website visualization. If you need a basic photo editing service we also do that for our client website. We apply charts and visuals to your site to help people understand complex stuff.

Back Links: Back links are important in SEO and we have Several Backlink Package also. These are the links when someone puts a link to your site on their site. In other words, these links are created when one website is linked to another. We perfectly manage back links by preferring quality over quantity.

On-Page Optimization: On-page optimization is the overall measures taken to rank a website. We care about it by identifying right keywords for your site that help in the visibility of your site to users. We add suitable meta-tags and title descriptions that help in describing the page content and tell search engines what the site is all about.

Mobile-Friendly SEO: We make sure to make your site mobile friendly. Mobile-friendly websites are those websites that can be easily accessed through mobile without any interruption. As of 2015, more searches are done every day on mobile devices than desktops! More than 85% of smartphone users use search engines at least once a day. Google penalizes website by placing it at lower rank if it is not mobile-friendly. So we keep in mind to apply all the tactics that make your website a mobile-friendly website.

Shareable Website: When people visit your site and they like your content, they usually share your website link with their friends and family through social media. We add share buttons or icons of Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp to your website and make it easier for people to share your site on social media.

Our SEO Service Include

E-commerce SEO

Our best eCommerce SEO service strategy includes, find out profitable keywords, customized product page. Latest UI/UX design....

Local SEO

We help you to rank website as Local serch marketing. Outsource2BD helps business promote, sales and services to local customers...

Global SEO

Your targeted audience stay globally then give us opportunity to build your campaigns on the right keywords on every country. more sales...

Shopify SEO

Shopify is very popular for eCommerce users, easy payment getaway, high speed and other features. we experts on shopify platform & help...

Wordpress SEO

Our WordPress SEO experts guys help you to optimized your website for google. Proper optimized every page for on-page then back link ..

Amazon SEO

Optimized your product on amazon, eBay or Walmart or any other platform we help you to rank no 1 by proper optimization...

A Smarter Way to Boost your Business with Best SEO Services!

As SEO helps your site to show up at top of the results on Search Engines, it is necessary to be at the top to have ideal visitors. With best SEO services, you get a chance to boost your business. 

The betterment of your business on web is directly related to your website design, that how much attractive your website is. SEO helps you focus on the exact people who want to visit your website, as people search for specific material that your website contains and they find your website on top. Getting your website at top of the results is not easy at all. That’s why we are here to help you out in this regard.

Imagine you are running a web business by selling the services or products which people need and people are not able to find your website because it is ranked at last part of the results after hundreds of other related websites. Your website would not get any visitors and this would not give your business any advantage. On the other hand, with Professional SEO Services, you become able to receive more orders on your services or products as more people visit your website and turn into your customers.  

Who needs SEO service?

If you have just made your website and you want to boost your website then you must need SEO services for a better start.

Also, if you are running a business website and want to enhance your business but you are not able to get visitors on your site due to lower ranking then you need Professional SEO Service to have ideal visitors or customers. You enable your website to get more orders on your products or services if you implement SEO.

Types of SEO Services:

Local SEO: It provides uncommonly effective way to sell your business online to local customers.

E commerce SEO: It includes keyword optimization of your site. It helps in finding types of keywords customers are searching.

Global SEO: It helps in optimizing your content in different regions and languages. It provides your content in search engines of different regions.

Amazon Product SEO: It optimizes your product by giving it higher rankings in Amazon search listing.

Why choose us for SEO service?

Outsource2BD has identified itself as the best SEO service providing company in Bangladesh. We provide quality work without any faults. Our SEO experts are friendly to customers and always have good conversations with them. We assist our clients in a way that pleases them. You can surely trust our company for Professional SEO Services and we guarantee you that we would complete your tasks with discipline and punctuality.  

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