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Make your video as a part of marketing strategy and build your company brand value or increasing your current youtube video view and increase earning by doing professional YouTube video seo service with outsource 2 BD youtube SEO team. 

Youtube Is now Second largest world search engine. 79% of internet users say they have youtube Account.
Lets use it well.  

What we do In our Video Marketing Service 

  • Audit Current strategy
  • Do the profitable keyword research
  • Research our niche competitor 
  • Optimize video’s tag, metadata
  • Check other video seo factor 
  • Prepare all and publish the video

Why YouTube?

YouTube is an online platform that mainly enables the user to upload or view content in the form of videos. It doesn’t need any further explanations as most of the people are familiar with it. According to research in 2019, over 2 billion users visit YouTube each month and these users watch over a billion hours of videos every day!

From these statistics, we can estimate how much important YouTube SEO is. In simple words, YouTube SEO lets your channel’s videos to be on the top of search results inside and outside YouTube when specific keywords are searched according to the content you provide.

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Why you need YouTube SEO services?

If you have a YouTube channel and you are sharing your content with people regularly but you are not getting that much response from your audience which you deserve due to poor ranking of your videos in search results on YouTube or outside YouTube, then you require YouTube SEO services from a Video SEO Company. These companies provide video optimization services for YouTube that help you get better feedback from the audience as compared to your competitor YouTube channels.

In this modern developing world, people are changing their preferences day by day. Most people use social media as social media spreads faster to the audience as compared to mainstream media whose audience is targeted. YouTube, being a social media platform, acts as a big source of spreading content. Why are we telling you that? Because you need to understand the Importance of YouTube SEO and consider getting assistance from a reputable Video SEO Company.

YouTube is the second most used searching platform after Google. People watch tutorials on YouTube for getting help in any type of matter. If you start delivering your content in the form of videos on YouTube, then it is not less than starting a business. Once your channel starts growing and monetization is on, YouTube pays you for your work. For higher rankings, YouTube SEO is key. Video SEO Services for YouTube help your videos reach more and more people as those people search specific related keywords. The more your content would reach to people, the more you would get views on your content and output for your hard work.

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    What we exactly do for YouTube SEO?

    Being a reputable YouTube SEO Company in Bangladesh, Outsource2BD  is always delighted to assist you for the betterment of your YouTube channel. As a Video SEO Company, we do various measures for the optimization of YouTube videos. Let us describe SOME of the important steps that we take for Youtube SEO.

    Channel & Content Analysis

    As you provide us with the basic details and requirements of your YouTube channel, we analyse your channel and the content you provide completely. This helps us in understanding the further steps which are to be taken and the nature of your audience as well.

    Video Keywords & thumbnails

    After content analysis, we prepare proper keywords for your videos. Keywords are very important and act as basic optimization of a video. We help you arrange the keywords in your video descriptions as well. Moreover, we help you use noticeable thumbnails for your video.

    Adding Buttons & Signals

    In your videos, we add shareable or linked buttons that link your channel with social media and help people share your content. Moreover, we help you add signals in your videos that encourage people to do comments in your videos as comments correspond with rankings.

    Video Tags:

    30% of YouTube view comes from Recommended video, and if you want to show your video as recommended tag is must. Video tags help YouTube understand your content. We provide perfectly related clear and concise video tags for your videos as more unrelated tags confuse YouTube.

    Content Suggestions

    We analyse your competitor channels content as well. After analysis, we find different related tags that help your videos get a place in the video suggestions when a user is watching your competitor’s content. This encourages the user to watch that suggested video from your channel.

    Things to Consider before choosing YouTube SEO Company

    While running your YouTube channel, when you feel the need for YouTube SEO from a Video SEO Company, you must consider finding the right experienced company carefully. Many SEO experts in the market are the jack of all trades, but master of none. Among them, you need to wisely pick a perfect provider who would help you with your problems.

    When you share videos on YouTube, you get a chance of marketing your content. Marketing through YouTube is quite profitable. You just need a YouTube marketing expert as a helping hand who would assist you with proper YouTube Marketing Services.

    Before choosing a Video SEO Company, you need to make sure that your provider would be there for you whenever you need him after SEO implementation.

    Being a well-known and reputable company in Bangladesh, Outsource2BD offers disciplined work and after task completion, we provide further assistance as well. We help your YouTube channel grow by optimizing your content to that level. We also provide a video manager to hire for your channel who would manage the video optimization separately whenever you need.

    A fine Video SEO Company always enhances the quality of your content. You just need to choose that company sensibly. We always welcome our new clients with pleasure and put our best efforts for the completion of the task.

    If you get these services from International service providers or through some web platforms, it would cost 150$ to 300$.

    Outsource2BD charges a reasonable price for YouTube SEO for long term cooperation with our respected clients. It’s not just about our profitability, we consider your reasonable pricing as the first step towards your channel’s success!

    As mentioned above, for SEO implementation, we take different measures including Keywords arrangement, Content Analysis, Competitor Analysis, video tags, video suggestions, thumbnails and many more!

    Outsource2BD is considered as the best SEO service providing company in Bangladesh. Having an experience of over 6 years, we believe that trust is the base of every dealing. We consider it as our priority whenever we deal with clients. You can choose us without any fear as we would always be there for you whenever you need us. Our company’s experts always show discipline and punctuality. They provide the work done on time without any error. So, feel free to talk whenever you need us and get started!

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