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Eye Catching and Responsive design is our first promise. Our developer use clean HTML, CSS and easy navigation with google standard coding design.

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E-commerce Website Design Service by OutSource2BD

E-commerce website design services refer to the development of your e-commerce website and designing the visual display of the website as well, that how would your website look and get the attention of people. OutSource2BD gives you a better website designing experience as compared to other E-commerce website development companies in Bangladesh. As an E-commerce Website Design Company, we always assure punctuality and flawless work to our clients before getting into it, and even after the task completion, clients become satisfied with our work. For the growth of your E-commerce online store or any other type of E-commerce development, we are here to serve you with professional techniques that would let you run your web business with more ease. Also we ensure 24 hours and unlimited support after taking our web Design service

Technology Stack


  • .Net
  • Node
  • Ruby On Rails
  • BigCommerce
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Woocommerce
  • Shopify 


  • Angular
  • Vue
  • React


  • SQL Server
  • Elasticsearch
  • Oracle
  • MongoDB
  • PosgreSQL
  • Cassandra
  • MySQL
  • Dynamo

Cloud & DevOps

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Kubernetes
  • Jenkins
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure
  • Docker


  • ISO
  • Xamarin
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Android


  • Apache JMeter
  • Postman
  • Katalon Studio
  • TestRail
  • Selenium
  • JIRA
  • Selenium


  • Power BI
  • SharePoint
  • Apache Kafka
  • BizTalk

We're an expert E-commerce website design company offering the following E-commerce website development services:

E-commerce Website Wireframe Creation & Discovery

One of the primary steps in E-commerce web design is developing the structural outline for the website. After that, we make a wireframe model for the website for planning the functionality. During all these processes, we understand your front-end design and back-end capability needs.

Custom Website Design

From a blank web-page to an SEO optimized E-commerce website, we are here to make it up for you. Our developed custom website design not only looks great but also contains well-planned informational architecture.

Content Management

e-Store Customization

Third Party Integration

Multi-site Management

Checkout and Payments Processing

Either you want a simple or a customized checkout processor; our team would handle your needs. We would design a proper checkout processor for you that would merge with several standard E-commerce payment processors.

ERP Integrations

ERP integrations are necessary for keeping your data synced, and it helps in providing the best experience to your website audience. We use user-friendly and easy to manage ERP system.

Some of our latest Job Sample

We follow Latest trend to create every new site and ensure some major issue like responsive websites, SEO friendly, Minimum code for site Loading speed & dynamic design as well.

eCommerce FAQs
Your Questions. Our Answers.

is it SEO-Friendly Development?

As mentioned above, we have professional SEO experts who optimize your E-commerce website so as it gets higher rankings on search engines. Our E-commerce design and development satisfies search engine algorithms to push your website in the top of the search results.

And these are just some of the basic optimization techniques described, among many others that we provide. As an E-commerce Website Design Company, we have much more to offer you!

Is E-commerce growing? What's the Future of E-commerce?

According to research, E-commerce is growing positively. The growth rate of E-commerce is 265% ($1.3 to $4.9 Trillion) from 2014 until the upcoming year 2021. From these statistics, the future of E-commerce looks bright as its growth rate shows no signs of decline.

Do you offer E-commerce website branding and more custom enterprise solutions?

Yes. We do offer E-commerce website branding. Also, as an E-commerce solutions company, we have various business and application tools designed to solve enterprise concerns.

Do you have E-commerce SEO and conversion optimization services?

As described above, we do provide E-commerce SEO and conversion optimization techniques as well. We optimize your E-commerce website in a way that it is showed among the top shown results by search engines.

Will my E-commerce website be responsive and work on all mobile devices?

As most of the people do searching on their mobile phones, we make your E-commerce website mobile-friendly. So, your E-commerce website would be responsive and work on all mobile devices.

Will my E-commerce website be secure?

Your E-commerce website would be secure as we would suggest a trusted E-commerce platform for you. Other than that, we use HTTP with SSL for more security and also help you keep your site updated.

Is search engine optimization (SEO) included in E-commerce website development?

As an E-commerce web development company, we do include E-commerce SEO in website development. It is much needed to get higher rankings to compete with your competitor websites in search results.

Do you offer basic E-commerce solutions or packages?

Yes, we offer basic E-commerce solutions and appropriate packages to our respected clients for long-term cooperation. 

Get Your eCommerce SEO Budget Now

You are tried to Facebook boosting or Google adwards ads, other hand its become very costly day by day. then talk with us for increase your eCommerce website traffic, sales and brand value as well.  to discuss over phone then call us at +880 1725 85 62 53. we open 24 hours.

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    Features Highlights

    Features Highlights There are many traits of E-commerce in the modern world. The increasing number of E-commerce websites shows us how much development is taking place in the world of E-commerce businesses. Compared with larger stores, the stores on a smaller level also test their luck on E-commerce, and a majority of those businesses carry on successfully. Let us describe you some of the main features of E-commerce below:
    Powerful Platforms: Although there are various platforms for E-commerce, we advise our clients to run their online stores on our recommended platforms which would be beneficial for them in terms of audience and gainfulness. As an E-commerce Web Design Agency, we have expertise in platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magneto and much more.

    E-commerce Marketing Plan

    We help you make marketing plans for your E-commerce business by using content marketing, social media marketing and e-mail marketing. Marketing helps people in reaching you out in lesser time. That helps your E-commerce business grow widely.

    E-commerce Design

    OutSource2BD concentrates on developing custom features for your E-commerce website or online store. We create constructive custom plans for your business goals, i.e. for your regular dealings and future targets.

    Content Management

    Managing the content on your E-commerce website is much necessary. Either it is about adding products or services, building new pages, writing content or editing existing content; we have an E-commerce content management system to help you in that to make it easier for you.

    Next-Level Strategies

    As an E-commerce Development Company, we are always prepared for next-level strategies to take your business towards the peak. Being an experienced company, we know about things that work and that do not work for E-commerce success. Avail our E-commerce Web Development Services to beat your competitors and successfully run your business online!

    E-commerce Design

    We have professional SEO experts for the SEO optimization of your E-commerce website after the development. SEO is extremely important for your E-commerce website. Increasing the ranking of your website on search engines potentially increases the number of your website visits. For that purpose, we work on your content keywords, search intent, website design, graphics design, back-links, and much more!


    CMS Instigation
    One Page Checkout
    Guest Checkout
    Product Review Management
    Google Analytics Integration
    Breadcrumb Navigation
    Most Viewed Products
    Inventory Management
    Tax Reports
    Layered Navigation Search
    Order Notifications
    CAPTCHA Functionality
    Order Status Tracking
    100% Customizable Design
    Meta Details Management
    Downloadable Products
    Configurable Products
    Password Reset Mail
    Multiple Shipping Address
    Related Products
    Grid & List View
    Printing Packing Slips
    Secure Transaction
    Quick Refund Processing
    Popular Search Terms
    Auto Sync with Apps
    Recent Ordered Items

    Order History
    Customizable Order Mails
    Stock Availability
    Password Reset Mail
    Site Map Auto Generation
    Marketplace Support
    Most Viewed Products
    Google Web Optimizer Integration
    One Click Upgrades
    Gift Messages with Order
    Dedicated Dashboard
    Sales Report
    Gift Messages with Order
    Low Stock Report
    Shipping Charge Per Order
    Cart Abandonment Report
    Banner Slider
    Full Page Cache
    Performance Optimization
    Inbuilt Magento Cache
    Backend Speed Optimizing Options
    Virtual Products
    Simple Products
    Group Products
    Newsletter Management
    Bundled products

    QR Code Generation
    Shipping Charge Per Item
    Feedback Pop-Ups
    Easy Order Management
    Online Poll Creation
    Reward Points
    Online Poll Creation
    Google Web Optimizer Integration
    Facebook App
    Paypal Adaptive
    Facebook Store
    Braintree Payment Gateway
    Product Labels
    Social Affiliate
    Recurring Payments
    FB Discount
    Order Archiving
    Bulk Product Edits
    Strong Data Encryption
    Optimized Indexing
    Google Site Map
    Coupon Usage Report
    Attribute Sorting
    Printing Invoices
    Add to Wishlist
    Cross-selling & Up-selling
    Recent Compared Items

    Reliable Support
    No Downtime Issues
    Auto Generated Coupons
    Multiple Landing Pages
    Solr Search
    Online Gift Cards
    Robust Encryption
    Reward Points
    Catalog Import & Export
    Low Inventory Alerts
    Edit Product Reviews
    Mail A Friend
    Social Sharing
    Image Zooming
    Total Sales Refund
    Categories Landing Page
    Super Deals
    Incredible Themes
    Delivery Schedule
    Customer Follow up
    Ajax Cart Pro
    Sold Product Count
    No Product Limitations
    Product Ticker
    Request for Coupon
    SEO optimized Design

    What is E-commerce? and the type of eCommerce

    In simple words, E-commerce refers to the buying and selling of products or services. It takes place on an E-commerce website using the internet. There is the transfer of money and data on these sites to perform transactions. 

    Along with types, E-commerce is split into four basic categories as well. These categories are described below:what is ecommerce

    Business to Consumer (B2C): In E-commerce, B2C is the direct contact between the business and the consumer in terms of buying and selling. In other words, in B2C, customer directly buys a product or service from a business or company through its E-commerce website. There is no interruption of third-parties in B2C dealings.

    Consumer to Consumer (C2C): C2C refers to the business interaction between two consumers. In this category, customers deal with other customers through various E-commerce market places and online ads to get their businesses going. For C2C, a platform is required where customers can trade with each other and not deal with the whole platform or company. 

    Consumer to Business (C2B): C2B involves the providing of services by a consumer to a business or company. An example of C2B includes a review written by a consumer under a company’s product or a blog written by a blogger for a company’s website.

    Business to Business (B2B): In B2B, one business deals or works with another business for its growth. These businesses provide services or raw materials to each other and receive output from each other. 

    How does Outsource2BD team help our eCommerce website clients succeed online or generate sales?

    outsource2bd ecommerce design service

    Dont matter you want to developing a brand new eCommerce website or redesigning your existing website with update technology, your business always need right partner. At outsource2BD we help our clients succeed in three main ways:

    In-House Team: Here your work with a expert web development team under one roof, Outsource2BD offers all necessary web design, offer all upgrade technology for development and also offer proven Digital marketing services needed to thrive online. A perfect and upgrade UI/UX Design website means you complete first requirement for generate handsome sales. Now time to set perfect marketing plan as well. Don worry Outsource 2 BD also offer SEO and online brand reputation service for brand awareness. 

    eCommerce Focused: In this current world eCommerce website perform really well and lot of new customer are love to buy their product from online and eCommerce website owner also service perfectly with 100% client satisfaction. Lot of company out their worked wide range of project. like they developed site who manage restaurant or design website for organization or personal blog website, But in this point outsource2BD are different. our 90% of clients are eCommerce owner. so we know very well how we need to developed perfect website and what’s the trending Design and what’s new technology we need to use. 

    Years of eCommerce Experience: Just try to search google, Bing or other local search engine then you understand now a days here and there lot of eCommerce web design company available. Even more than 20 in your city. so what you think what’s makes outsource2BD different? Experience, we’ve been leaders since 2010 and made 50+ successfully eCommerce website world wide and for some of them we do Digital marketing and SEO service and they perform really well, which give us lot of experience on current marketing and help to gather lot of knowledge that other agencies simply lack. Those experience help us to build high quality ecommerce website that perform really high level and able to generate maximum sales. 

    Outsource 2 BD is rated 4.9 / 5 average from 867 reviews on Featured Customers & Clutch


    How to promote E-commerce Websites?

    For the promotion of your E-commerce website, there are different ways. Some are described below:

    SEO Strategies: SEO optimization is one of the best ways to promote an E-commerce website and getting audience attention.

    Social Media Sites: Many E-commerce websites use social media sites (like Facebook and Instagram) for the promotion of their products. 

    Paid Advertising and Promotions: You can also pay to various Advertising companies or promoters for the advertisement of your E-commerce brand. 

    Free Samples: Providing some free samples to your customers at the start of your E-commerce business makes a positive image of your brand.

    Types of E-commerce Websites

    Following are the three basic types of an E-commerce website:

    Single Seller Website: These websites follow their own business and rules and sell their products. Majority of the E-commerce websites are of this type. These websites belong to just one company.

    Selected Sellers Website: These types of websites sell products and also permit other selected sellers to sell their products on the same platform. Amazon is an example of these types of websites. Amazon itself sells products and also lets other sellers sell products on its platform.

    Variety of Sellers Website: From an individual seller to large companies, everyone can be a seller on a proper online marketplace. An example of an online marketplace is eBay. It lets any types of sellers to create an account and start selling your products without any seller-selection criteria, even if those sellers have online stores on other platforms.

    Which platform is more scalable? WooCommerce or Shopify?

    The increase in E-commerce websites has left people confused. When E-commerce started, people had a hard time accepting that shopping could be done online. They used to think that how would they window shop online? But now, people could also window shop online! It was at that moment when people realized the origination and importance of e-commerce. Many people are just passive buyers. They have not yet recognized the potential of E-commerce websites. 

    WooCommerce and Shopify are two big platforms for E-commerce businesses. Let us narrate some of the comparisons and help you choose the best among these both!

    First Impressions : Woo Commerce is easy to use. It has a free version and some premium but paid plans. It has WordPress plugins like when you Design your site with word press, so all the tech geeks can get the advantage of this.

    Shopify, on the other hand, is very professional. It has tailored for personal experience. The sellers and buyers accounts provide a personalized experience. There are no hidden links or ads that lead you astray. It gives you what you ask from it.

    Ease of Use: WooCommerce is a little technical. It is perfect for tech-savvy people. They can easily create themes and designs that suit their website. It helps people take charge of their business. 

    Shopify is easy to use even if one does not have some technical know-how. It is best for people interested in harnessing the potential of e-commerce but lacks web developing skills. Shopify helps you customize your website for the best buyers experience. It guides you with themes and traffic.

    Security: Both Shopify and WooCommerce are secure. WooCommerce has a WordPress plugin, so you are responsible for your account security. Shopify manages the security for you. Your account and information are always secured. No breaches of privacy have reported thus far. 

    Search Engine Optimization : The most crucial factor in judging is SEO. Woo Commerce though visible, but does not help a lot in optimization for search engines. It relies more on the user to optimize the content on-page. Shopify provides guidance and tools for SEO, when we do Shopify SEO service for our clients we see its need less time because of user friendly and SEO friendly Coding have on shopify platform. It helps a business become visible online and get the desired traffic. For a beginner, Shopify guides with Title and URL keywords. It provides tools and plugins to help with the optimization of content. It also has an SEO specific Blog option. 

    WooCommerce User Experience: The problem faced with WooCommerce is the unending updates. They always seem to update the app. One more problem people face with WooCommerce is the ads. It is full of unwanted ads. People don’t like that. 

    Shopify is HUGE!: Shopify has a vast community of 80000 online stores. They provide guidance and inspiration to many. The large organization is a manifest of the excellence of Shopify. With so much online crowd, you come to know you are in the right place.  

    Sell on Social Media with Shopify!

    You heard it right.

    Shopify helps you develop your business. With its free plan, you can sell your products on social media. All you have to do is, set up a page or account on social media platforms on which you want to sell on. Now, you have known why social media friends are so important.


    Not to take anything away from WooCommerce, but Shopify is considered the best online e-commerce design website. It ranks the best in sales, stores, customers, and service delivery. With over 80000 stores, 1200 apps and plugins for the best experience, it is your go-to place. It is simple, clean, and straightforward. The most important aspect is that you can improve your sales and customers quickly. As an E-commerce Website Design Company, Shopify is the best place in our opinion if you ever need to go online for business!

    How can I market my products and website?

    There are various methods to market your products and website. These include e-mail marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, paid marketing, etc. Let us briefly describe each of these methods below:

    Email Marketing: Email marketing is considered one of the most underrated marketing techniques. In email marketing, the company sends an email to current customers or potential customers. This type of email usually contains company updates, promotions of sales, deals for customers and awareness of your products or services, etc. Not everyone has a Facebook or Instagram account, but almost everyone has an email address at least. That’s why it is considered beneficial in terms of marketing.

    Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is one of the most popular and common marketing techniques. In this marketing, people advertise their products and services using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, etc. It includes publishing appreciable content and handling your advertisements on all of your social media accounts. You need to engage with your followers on all these platforms. Social media marketing is considered an easier way to market your products. 

    Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is also one of the most common marketing techniques nowadays. In this marketing, a company appoints an affiliate on commission. The affiliate deals with the customers of that company’s products. He/she convinces the customers to purchase the product. As the customers make the purchase, the affiliate is given the commission from the company. If your business is running profitably, you can appoint an affiliated person for less burden and future growth of your business.

    Paid Marketing: Paid marketing refers to the paid advertising of your products and services on various platforms of social media and the internet. It helps you target a specific audience or potential customers from any region and spread your brand awareness among them. In this marketing, you need to pay to different advertisers like social media pages and various ads publisher companies on the internet. The outcome includes ad displays, sponsored marketing, suggestive content spreading, beneficial deals for customers and much more for your company. 

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