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Increased Brand Visibility

To increase Brand visibility first, you need to make sure users are easily able to find you. Research says before purchasing products, services, or makes any business first consumers are searching online search. Local SEO helps you to show up in Google organic search and other searches and we will help you to do that.

More (high Quality) Web Traffic

First, we find out profitable keywords for your niches and Local SEO ultimate goal is to drive more high-quality traffics for your service or business and generate more leads or sales. Once your website or brand is at the top of the search engine you able to drive quality and your desire audience. Each traffic will bring more leads.

Effective & Mobile Friendly Website

Today 650% audience are using mobile device for online buy. Also, mobile first index now a days google First requirements. so First we need to increase our UI/UX for mobile Device and try to understand how mobile users behaviors on our website and besides we will continue to apply our SEO for ranking improvements.

Innovative, Result, Proven Strategy, Local SEO Service by OutSource2BD

Local Search Engine Optimization or Local SEO is the optimization of your business website or webpage by increasing the visibility of your site, but rather than traditional SEO, local SEO increases and attracts your website audience from your local area by relevant local searches. That means, it is the optimization in which your website would pop-up on top of the search results when specific search keywords would be searched by users around your location.

A Local SEO Service is an assistance provided by a local SEO services company in which your website is optimized to satisfy search engine algorithms on a local intent basis. In simple words, your business website or webpage appears on top rankings in search engines as specific keywords are searched by people around your local area. Local SEO is all about getting web attention from people locally to get more and more customers.

Quality & Efficiency

First we research your niche keywords, check our competitor, try to understand our targeted audience behavior then prepare our website for Google submission by ensure quality and efficiency.

Innovative Technologies

We follow latest google algorithm all time and update our on-page and off-page (back-link) strategy by following algorithm update. and we use all latest technology for building your brand.

Brand-Building Sustainability

After prepare our whole website on-page and other issue now we only start working for increase our brand visibility,

To Dominate your comptetors, Increased your sales and drive maximum traffic from Search engine and social. 

Talk to one of our Local SEO experts who will try to understand your needs and propose a solution that will match your specific business brand and needs.

What’s included In our Local SEO Service?

Local SEO consists of many procedures that help in building the rank of your website in your limited surrounding areas. Let us describe some of the significant points in local SEO which we include while providing Local SEO Service.

On-Page SEO: On-page SEO is everything that you can do on your website to satisfy search engines and rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs) for your specific targeted keywords according to your content and its very important part for Ecommerce SEO. On-page consists of both HTML source code and your content. In the content of your website, you can use your keywords tactically as well as Meta descriptions, title tags, search engine friendly URL’s, header tags and internal linking, etc. In On-page SEO, you have complete control of the factors that affect your rankings.

Off-Page SEO: Off-page SEO refers to all the activities or actions that you take away from your website or webpage to boost your site’s rankings in SERP’s. It includes backlinks, social media marketing, and powers, guest blogging, building trust with other websites and leaving valuable comments, etc. Along with on-page SEO, off-page SEO also has equal importance in website rank building.

Creating Google My Business Page: Google My Business is a free tool for online businesses. Creating a GMB page for your business enables you to manage and update your online existence. It includes your business information, profile, categories, reviews, location, and much more. Your accessibility to users in your area, your keywords pertinence according to SERP’s and the ideas of people around your local area about your business are the core elements on which local SEO and GMB work.

Mobile Optimization: Mobile optimization is the technique to optimize your site to make it mobile-friendly. Before starting SEO we also check your website that already build by following mobile friendly web design rules or not? It ensures that users who access your site through mobile have a personalized experience according to their device by adjusting the website’s content. As optimized content varies and flows between mobile and desktop, mobile optimization helps the user have an excellent experience on mobile devices as well. According to researches, more than 80% of people use a mobile device to search the internet. Also, more than 50% of websites are using web designs that work on the computer and all mobile devices. That is why mobile optimization is so important. Mobile optimization is done by various methods that include image compression, using structured data, identification of non-mobile-friendly features, and much more. 

Competition Analysis:  we Find out our competitor link building, their content quality, their total page, their powerful side and set a better plan then others. Competition analysis refers to the analysis of your competitor websites in your local area. It helps in understanding your competitors’ views and ideas that help in maintaining your plans and initiatives to be taken to rank higher in the SERPs of your location.

Professional Local SEO FAQ
Your Questions. Our Answers.

How long does it take to receive quality search engine rankings?

After applying Local SEO Services, if your website is new then you would get impressions on your site in the first few months. It usually takes up to one year to start receiving quality search engine rankings. It can also take less time as it depends on many factors like optimized content, security, mobile-friendliness, back-links and much more.

We need at-least 1 month to research all keywords and analysis our competitor and prepare on-page ( Depend on your keywords type, how many keywords you want and which country you want to target)

After finishing on-page we Submit our Website on different Search engine for indexing, and after indexing hope with 3-5 Month we reach first page. 

Why do you need a Local SEO Expert? benefits of Local SEO Services?

A local SEO expert usually has experience in providing services that help in getting customers from your service area or around your company’s location. These experts know about your competitors’ SEO strategies and techniques. 

Local SEO is location-based. It helps in reaching potential customers whenever they need you for less cost as compared to traditional/organic SEO. You don’t need to market or advertise your services in this regard because your web page would appear in top results just if people from your local area would search for the services you provide. A website is not always necessary to attract potential customers. You can make your business visible to people on Google just by listing your business on GMB. It helps people to directly find directions or the contact details of your business in the listed information block of your business in front of them on top ranks.

Why should you choose OutSource2BD as the best Local SEO Company?

Outsource2BD provides the best local SEO in Bangladesh. We have a good reputation all over the country. We have experienced SEO professionals who complete the task on time and always have fair, realistic and honest commitments with clients. We provide affordable local SEO service that especially helps the newbies have satisfaction. Our professional team always tries the latest SEO techniques to provide you with flawless work.

We always pleasantly welcome clients who come to our place or have direct contact with us and let them avail the services we provide.

What is the difference between SEO and Pay per Click (PPC) advertising?

SEO is a technique containing various measures that help in getting top rankings and traffic to your site. On the other hand, PPC is a type of internet marketing in which an advertiser or business owner pays a provider each time when their ad is clicked by users on the internet. Like Facebook advertisement or google advertisement you always need to promote your products or service by paid ads campaign and you know those are quite expensive. but if you able to rank your site on google you gets traffic from google continuously and free and its give you long term results as well. 

How to track SEO rankings and their improvements?

There are various platforms where you can search for your website and track your website rankings as well as find improvements. These platforms include Ubersuggest, keyword tool and much more. You can also track your rankings on Google My Business, and we also provide Ranking report for every month and you can track your visitors with google analytic which we will setup and give you full access. 

A Smarter Way to Boost your Business with Local SEO Service!

Local SEO Service helps your site rank higher in search engine results when users around your business location search specific keywords according to the products or services you provide. Just like the traditional SEO, local SEO also has the same importance for businesses. 

It’s not an easy task for a business owner to implement local SEO by his/her own. Therefore, it is beneficial if you approach a local SEO service provider for this purpose. An SEO expert not only knows local SEO ups and downs in businesses but also knows how to implement SEO measures to take your business website to top ranks in search engines among your competitor business websites in your area surroundings.

46% of searches on Google are of local services and businesses. It shows that many people like to make a purchase from local companies and online stores in their local areas. A local area is not just around your business location surroundings but is also enlargeable to city, state or country level, unlike traditional SEO which works around the globe.

So why are you waiting? Get assistance from a local SEO agency like OutSource2BD and show the people how worth visit your site is!

How do we implement SEO?

If you are not getting website visits and customers from local search, then we will solve that problem for you by implementing Local SEO Service. Following are some of the steps that help you get website traffic from the residents of your local area.

Content Analysis and Initial Optimizations: From large businesses to local SEO services for small businesses, one of the primary steps is the content analysis of your website and executing initial optimizations accordingly. Content Analysis includes a detailed overview of the content that you use on your site and distinguishing it with the content on your competitor websites. From major to minor, we do initial optimizations such as content design, graphic design; on-page SEO and mobile-friendly SEO that make your website’s front look attractive.

Keyword Research: Google puts proper searches by Google My Business listings when specific keywords are searched. Different businesses want to get ranked according to the queries related to the services they provide. We help you find the best keywords for your site to place it in front of the eyes of people when they search for those keywords.

Building Local Citations: Citations are your business’s online mentions. Citations can be structured and unstructured. Structured citations refer to arranged mentions like social profiles or directories. Unstructured citations refer to un-arranged mentions including blog posts or other pages. Building citations for your business is very much important. According to research, citation building is one of the top local ranking factors. We provide you with relevant citations and help you make your existing citations correct and consistent.

Building Editorial/Back-links: Links are important in rankings for local organic results. A useful resource is needed to be created and promoted in building editorial links. The resource should be related to your site’s niche. It includes creating content that helps to target an audience. Guest blogging is also important for building back-links as these blogs also help the audience form other platforms to get attracted to your site.

Ongoing Activities: Even after your website is optimized according to Google My Business listings and Citations, ongoing activities are a part of a growing business. If you move to some other location or change your directories or even change the name of your business, you need to change the complete citations. It is possible to take all these things along if you keep your Google My Business account active.  Being active on this account refers to answering customers’ positive and negative reviews as well as informing your customers about your business’s major and minor updates and much more!

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