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The ETSY marketing service makes sure that each product or listing in your Etsy shop is top-notch, that it covers all the SEO (search engine optimization) principles that apply on the Etsy platform or not? You will get the best product listings with standard keywords that are likely to take a hit or are being searched by millions of buyers searching for different items on Etsy.

  • Higher rank on Etsy platform
  • Boost your Sales instantly
  • Optimized your all store listing with proper SEO.
  • Over rank your competitor

keyword Research

Most Important part for Etsy Product SEO ranking service, we need to find out profitable keywords and also need to know what people exactly search to find our products. also check our competitor keywords.

Optimized Product Title

After finalized our keywords then we need to optimized our products title by following SEO guideline and optimized it with our targeted keywords. its not only important for Etsy but also important for google.

Product Description

A proper Products description brings more sales for any products. we need to find out all bullet point and need to described properly in our description section also put our all keywords properly in Description section naturally.

Apply SEO works

After doing all basic parts for product optimization then outsource 2 BD team apply SEO works for higher ranking. and remember its not a overnight works. Within our deadline we ensure your products ranking.

Etsy Marketing Service by OutSource2BD

Etsy is an online e-commerce website that operates in America, Europe, and other dedicated parts of the world. Etsy’s selling pitch is a little different from the other e-commerce stores such as eBay and Amazon. Etsy promotes the selling of handmade, antique, and vintage items; other than that, the craft supplies are also made available for various sections such as clothing, wooden work, pottery, handmade designing, and other crafting possibilities.    

ETSY marketing service is a unique service on its own as it provides the sellers with an opportunity of marketing their store and listings/products they have placed on the store. Your overall reach doubles after you utilize this incredible service. Etsy SEO is little bit different from eBay SEO or amazon SEO service. Etsy runs and manages listing results that are shown to the customers with the help of a particular algorithm. The way your shop and products are managed and listed decides how much exposure you will be getting, how many buyers will approach you, and how your sales will turn out. 

Quality & Efficiency

Once we start your project our first target to over rank our competitor and find out all successful strategy which our competitor use. Then our team find out all profitable keywords for your listing and optimized your listing, title, description, tag etc.

100% refund policy

We offer 100% refund when our valuable customers not satisfied or claim anything's on our team work. so don't worry about your results we give our 100% for your success.

Can I succeed on Etsy?

We things success totally depend on your plan and how you implement your strategy. Our team give you idea about your niche when we start and if its really don't possible to success we also recommend you what you need to do.

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What do we do for Etsy Listings/Products Optimization? 

The service makes sure that your listings can make it into the Etsy best search result pages. Keyword research, proper filling of product information, and catchy headlines are developed to make your products fully optimize for the Etsy marketplace. Other than that, a brief analysis of what we do is as follows;

Keyword Research

There are various Etsy marketing experts out there who tell you the same thing: keyword research is the key when it comes to making it to the front pages of the Etsy search results. If you are adding keywords on your own without any research, then it means you are doing it all wrong, no wonder your products don't make up to the front pages. The ETSY marketing service provides you with well-researched keywords that reflect the exact properties of the product and complies with the targeted audience of the country from where you operate your store.

Title and Bullet Optimization

About half of the time, it is the title of your product/listing that sparks the chances of increased sales at your Etsy store. The title is as important as the rest of the product listing, such as product description and whatnot. Reading the title, the buyer comes to know what the product is all about. If it is captivating and well-crafted, it might trigger some interest within the buyers to find out more about what it is, thus taking the shape of a view or click on your product, which will boost your impressions. When you have the buyer's attention, the Etsy listing service further helps you with bullet optimization about the product's description. Thorough and complete detail about the product, its features and benefits that it can provide to the user are discussed here. The price and uses of the product are also mentioned here; this is where the buyer is going to make the final decision whether to buy the product or discard it, and that is why it needs to be top-notch. You can hire someone to set up an Etsy shop, but no one is going to do it as perfect as the ETSY marketing service provided by the Outsource2BD Company.

Product Categorization

Etsy allows you to choose or customize a proper category for your product, and it is essential that you select a relative category to the functioning or overall appearance of your product or otherwise, it would have been for nothing. The smart search algorithm of Etsy is only going to display those products to the unique customers that match their searched keywords and fall into a particular product category; that is why it is an important step that you need to get right.

Content Management

The work doesn't stop right here. After setting up your shop and taking your listings online, Etsy SEO Specialist has to manage all of your shop's content to make it a huge success. There are various coupon sales and other random sales that come and go on Etsy, so your shop needs to take part and offer the same discounts to increase conversions and make more sales.And last but not least,

Competitor Research

ETSY marketing service offered by the Etsy marketing agency Outsource2BD is what you need for the sake of doing competitor research and helping you to stay afloat and offer something unique to your customers as compared to your competitor. It invokes extensive keyword research that is relatively more current and backed up by Etsy's latest keyword analysis. The keywords and other various strategies of your competitors can also be analyzed and cross-examined, so all the deducted benefits can be made available to you. And last but not least,

Want to overrank your competetor and generate more sales and visible your listing all over Etsy?

Talk to one of our Etsy SEO Experts who will try to understand your needs and propose a solution that will match your specific your listing.

Etsy Marketing Service FAQ
Your Questions. Our Answers.

What is SEO in Etsy?

SEO in Etsy is simply getting your store or products webpage ranked in eBay search results and in search engine results as well. Etsy SEO helps in making your store and products visible on top when users search specific related keywords on Etsy. Like when you search something on google you see some results and that’s done by applying professional SEO service or local SEO service, like that we help you to display your listing products on Etsy Search results. 

Why is good copy important for Etsy listings?

Good copy is all that includes making your product descriptions clear, writing attractive titles for your products without using complicated words and writing the product details in your natural way, telling the customer why he/she should buy your product. It is important as it helps a lot in getting customers’ attention. 

How does Etsy SEO work?

Etsy SEO services from a trusted Etsy SEO Company like OutSource2BD help in getting your Etsy website ranked on Etsy search result pages in less time. Our Company’s experts provide you with satisfying assistance in terms of Etsy SEO. Basic Etsy SEO includes your store’s content management, optimized descriptions, keyword optimization and research and much more. Our experts keep in mind the traditional SEO as well for further search engine results ranking. 

How important is image optimization?

Image optimization is very important as it reduces the size of your product images to normal, without compromising the quality. It helps a lot in lowering the time taken for the products webpage to load and loads the webpage faster. 

What is A+ content and what are the benefits?

A+ content is a feature that allows the sellers on Etsy to create broad product descriptions as well as clear and detailed images and text placements. A+ content is beneficial as it creates a digital shopping experience. It helps a lot in getting customers’ attention and making the customers happy and providing them satisfaction.

How do I rank on Google as well as on Etsy?

Etsy SEO and Traditional SEO both help in getting ranked on Etsy search result pages and on Google respectively at the same time. When customers find your products ranked on top both on Etsy and Google, they are likely to purchase the product with satisfaction.

Why should you hire an Etsy SEO expert?

It goes without saying that if you want the best-selling experience on Etsy, then you will have to hire an Etsy sales consultant. These professionals have the experience of many years and are accustomed to every corner of the market; they know when new changes roll out and how to incorporate these changes for your well-being. Furthermore, these professionals can help you gain the type of popularity and exposure you require to become a hit in the Etsy marketplace. Only through proper keyword addition, captivating title inclusion, and other marketing like Digital marketing include Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, Pinterest marketing, strategies proposed by the Etsy SEO expert that is backed up with tangible results can let you achieve that milestone. 

How do you get benefits from Etsy store optimization services?

It doesn’t matter at what stage your store on Etsy lies; we provide you with complete optimization of everything in your store from top to bottom. We treat every shop and store on Etsy as a unique entity and work and plan accordingly for that dedicated store, such as what practices will better work with it and which practices are going to bring solid results. After working with us for some time and experiencing the changes made, you will soon be teeming with orders on Etsy, and with such consistent hard work that we put into it; your shop would soon be one of the best-selling shops on Etsy!

Why is keyword research important for my product listing?

Keyword research is one of the basic factors of Etsy SEO. It includes finding relevant and effective keywords for your products. Keywords are important as they play a key role in getting ranked higher in Etsy search results because customers use these keywords in their searching and these help them in finding your product on top. In finding relevant keywords, experts understand the customers’ psyche and analyze targeted regional searches by users as well. 

Are product reviews important?

Yes, product reviews are important as they help the customers a lot before making the purchase. Customers usually check the reviews under the product for satisfaction. The more your product has positive reviews, the more there are chances for the customers to buy your product. You can get product reviews directly from customers after reaching out to them or through your various social media platforms.

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