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WordPress Website Design in Bangladesh

Ecommerce is rising in the current global context. So, do the needs of wordpress website design service? WordPress is one of the leading, and probably the most used, platform that is easy to use. But when you are a newbie, you also need to decorate the website considering your business needs. Many of the users use this platform to express their thoughts or make some personal platforms. But you can use it for commercial purposes as well. In that case, you need to adore the platform according to your needs and taste. If you are unable to adore the site, we -the wordpress website design company- will help you get that. In the end, you will have a striking WordPress website. 

Let’s check the details. 

Why Is Website Design Important For Every Business

Do you have the clear idea or know how and why web design is important for your business? Most of the cases, the answer is negative. People do not have the right ideas about the design of their websites. They believe a website is a virtual place where they can buy or sell products and services. Regardless of its being a virtual station, it should look smart and attractive. And wordpress web developers in Dhaka provide the services.  

In fact, when the WordPress website will look good [better than average], it will hold the attention of the audiences. And when the audiences will be more, you own the potential of earning more.  

80% of Users

Love WordPress interface its easy and suitable for every business.

76.5 Million

Blog site are build by using wordpress for easy to use both users and readers.

Almost 90%

of Users say wordpress website perform better on mobile , desktop and tablet version as well.

68% of business

Looking for responsive web design which help them to boost their sales and users also spend more time.


New website are lunched daily by using wordpress you know its huge number.

23% of all websites

on the internet wordpress generate and its still increasing day by day. and they are unstoppable.

157 language

wordpress is availble, so dont worry which language you use just start your business with your own languale

23% of all websites

on the internet wordpress generate and its still increasing day by day. and they are unstoppable.

wordpress development

On the other part, an eye-catchy website can also create some positive impressions on the site users. If the website looks nice, the visitors will try to visit the nook and corners of the website. But if it is not that much attractive, they will never return to your site. Moreover, when the number of visitors increases, your chances of making business grow. For instance, if there are 20 visitors a day, at least three of them will be your customer. So, if the number of visitors is more than 100, you are getting a minimum of 30 buyers. Isn’t that great? 

So, the wordpress web development plays a key role in your business. If you get a nicely decorated website, you are in an advanced position in the race. Now, you are aware of the importance of website design and how it impacts the business in a positive manner. 


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Why choose WordPress for your online business?  

WordPress is one of the leading content management systems (CMS). After its launch back in 2003, it has won the hearts of billions of users. In fact, this is the most frequently used CMS of the world. For the outstanding performance, and flexibility to use, WordPress has gained a huge popularity. Even a beginner can also operate in WordPress like a pro. Following some recent studies and estimation, over 25 percent of websites in the world now run using WordPress. The ecommerce owners are also getting service from this website for numerous reasons. Some of the key facts are explained in brief here. 

Ease of use 

The very first thing about WordPress is that it is easy to use. You need no additional installation or other tools to use the site. Another impressive aspect is that the platform is for free. You do not need to buy any paid package after any certain time or period. 

You may have numbers of tasks to complete. And those may cost you a moderate amount of your bucks. But with WordPress, you need no such costs at all.  Rather, you can spend the budget for some other purposes. 

Instant Application 

Another important benefit of WordPress is its ready-to-go feature. Most other cases, the websites need installation, unpacking and more other activities. But when you are with WordPress, there are no such issues. 

This is a website that is ready to use instantly. It needs no configuration. But you can customize it based on your needs and necessities. Also, the theme of the platforms is appealing as well.

SEO Matters

If your site does not comply with the search engine, you need to change the platform. Or if you want to comply with the platform with the search engine optimization process, you have to spend. But with the WordPress sites, there are no such issues available. 

Usually, WordPress sites are SEO friendly. Google can easily index the pages of your site. Moreover, getting the top ranking in the search engine like Google is easier here. Thereby, you have the chances to win the race against your competitors. 

⇒ Secured

Another important issue is security. As you will be using the site for your business, there might be sensitive information. And you need to keep them secured. With the WordPress site, you are completely secured. 

No matter if you save personal or professional information, everything will remain safe. Hackers are unable to breach the security of your website. This is the other reason why people use this particular web platform to build their business sites.    


On the other part, WordPress is a flexible platform. You can use the platform even through your mobile phone. If you want to make a post on the site, easily you can do that through your cell phone. But this is not possible with the other types of CMS platforms. 

As a result, you can remain active in your website even when you are on the go. You will have necessary notification on your cell phone. Accordingly, you can take measures to take the decision. This is a supreme level of flexibility.  

Multimedia file addition

At times, you may need to attach different types of media files with your website post. Attaching those files may appear tough with other CMS platforms. However, the tasks are too easy with WordPress. 

To make a post in a WordPress site, you will have all the options to add multimedia files. And this is simple too. You just have to show the file location on your computer or mobile. The site will upload the file instantly. 

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    What Are The Benefits Of Having A Great WordPress Website Design?


    Easily manageable 

    The very first thing is that you can easily manage the website. The wordpress web development even allows the beginners to act like professionals. They can post blogs, contents and even add multimedia files within a few clicks. Also, you can manage the site from any computer or mobile platforms. If there is an active internet connection, you can access your data and information within a few seconds. 


    Simple editing 

    When you lack the knowledge of coding or programming, you get a relief here. With an impressive WordPress website design, you can edit your text, images of posts. You need no additional codes or software for this purpose.  


    Search Engine Friendly 

    Due to the nature of the WordPress sites, they are too friendly to the search engine. The search engines can easily index the pages of a WordPress site. Placing keywords in a post is natural. Besides, you will also have the options to create your meta descriptions, tagging and more. 


    Handy Control

    At times, you may need to get professional support to update your business website. But there are no such issues when you are dealing with a WordPress site. Updating the site manually is as simple as writing a letter to your fiancé. 



    Sometimes, the users are in trouble with the customization issues. They are in hot water about adding some new features, or changing the site theme. But WordPress makes all the matters simple for the users. 

    You can customize the site completely. So, your site visitors will have a pleasant experience while visiting your digital platform. 


    Several Users

    Another impressive feature of such website design is multiple users. If you are the administrator, you can allow several other users to work under you. They can perform almost all the tasks on the site. But the overall control is in you. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is WordPress 

    WordPress is a content management system or platform to create a blog or website. This is an Open Source tool and easy to use. You need no additional package to start using the site. Also, it is customizable and provides a good number of features to the users. 

    They need not to pay to avail the features. Consequently, the number of WordPress site users is on the rise. 

    Is WordPress good for beginners?

    Undoubtedly, WordPress is good for beginners. The most important thing is the ease of use. Usually, the new users get perplexed when they use different types of website or CMSs. They cannot identify the right tools to make commands or post something. 

    But no such issues are here in WordPress as it has an intuitive interface. Moreover, the users can also customize their needs in such a WordPress site. 

    WordPress vs. PHP? What are the main differences between 2 CMS?

    Well, PHP is also an Open Source software. It is used for programming or scripting a language. The languages and programs are used in website creation. 

    And in WordPress, PHP is included.  

    In a nutshell, WordPress is a program. PHP has been used to write the program. PHP makes it easier to mix several programming logics.  

    There is not that much difference between both the CMS. One who uses WordPress websites even lacks the idea that s/ he is using PHP. 

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