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Can you imagine online shopping without product images? Well, this is very hard to think about. This indicates the importance of images and quality images for online shopping. Nowadays capturing photos for online shops is half the job done, photos require a professional touch to make the photos attractive to the viewers and viewers also like to see perfect photos before buying. That’s why photo editing industry is growing day by day and in Bangladesh, the photo editing industry is growing rapidly.

Outsource 2 BD is one of the leading photo editing companies that is operating its business in Bangladesh. As a photo editor company, we provide all types of photo editing services and one-stop photo editing solutions to our respective clients. Our approach is result-oriented and we simply do everything to bring out the best result.

If you have photos that you want to use for advertising, printing, or publishing, and you need high-quality results, our Professional Photo Editing team will take care of them.

Photo Editing Company In Bangladesh

Type of photo editing services

Outsource2BD is the best image editing company in Bangladesh. We provide various types of photo editing services. Have a look at our services below and choose your desired one:

photoshop clipping path service

clipping path service

Clipping path is basically used to remove background from images its allso called cutout service or deep etch or deep etching service. Background of an image puts a great impact on the customer's mind. If the image has dull, rough looks, or distracting elements, it is certain that you are going to get lowest sales. So, to overcome these obstacles and distracting elements, we provide cheap clipping path service along with the best image quality. If you are looking for a clipping path company for clipping path service, outsource image clipping services to us, we will deliver you the best service.

image masking service

Image masking service

The more astonishing the images are, the more it increases the possibility of becoming attractive to the customers. Some images have complicated, rough and soft edges which can ruin the entire idea of product photography. To deal with those complicated and soft edges, image masking service is the perfect option. Image masking is also used to remove the background from photos. But, image masking gives more accurate results than the clipping path especially for complicated images. Any kind of complicated images you have, hand over to our experts, our professional photo editing experts are best at image masking.

photo retouching service

Photo retouching

Photo Retouching Service is the most familiar and most used editing service in the image editing industry. It is one of the ways to build the beauty of the image from the scratches. Photo retouching is a way to turn a dull, irritating and rough image into an incredible one. Photo retouching service is mostly used for jewelry photo, product photo, for glamour retouching, magazine photo, portrait photo and many more. If your photos need to be retouched, contact us, we are the best photo retouching service provider in BD and our experts are the best at retouching the photos.

Ecommerce product photo editing

Ecommerce product image editing is not a simple thing to do. There are many aspects of e-commerce product photo editing service. If you are a seller on Amazon or ebay, your photo must meet their guidelines. Those guidelines are difficult to meet. But our photo editing experts are efficient in that. If you are the owner of an online store, you have to think differently about your images. You have to be wise in choosing the best photos for blog pages or landing pages to draw the customer's attention. To meet your needs, photo editing experts like us dedicating most of the efforts and time to bring out the best.

Ghost mannequin effect garments photo editing

Ghost mannequin/garments editing

It allows eliminating the mannequin from the cloth and gives the cloth a hollow look. In other words, It displays only the images of your clothes without the dummy. That's why it is also known as undetectable mannequin. Generally, ghost mannequin or neck joint service reduces the necessity of a model for displaying the cloth and apparel products. As a result it saves you a huge amount of money. Though no human being is detected in cloth, it feels like someone invisible has worn it. the cloth. With the ghost mannequin effect, the product gets clarity and it becomes the center of focus.

Color correction/color change

Its hard to take dffernet color photography with model, like you need one T-shirt 10 differet color then you can use our color change service for easy work. If the color of a product photo is not accurate, it does not have any value, rather it discourages the customers from buying. Customers always look for a fresh look of the photo and the fresh look of a photo can draw the attention of a customer. To beautify the image and give the proper color of the image, color correction service is most appropriate. Get our color correction service and bring back the life to the color of your photos.

Shadow Creation Service: Shadow makes the photo real in look. Shadows may not appear due to different light conditions and angles. The lack of light and shadow makes the photo dull and boring. Shadow creation service is applied to photos to make the photos more natural. If your photos do not have shadows, we will put shadows. If your photos have shadows but do not look beautiful, we will make the shadow beautiful without harming the shape of the shadow.

Car photo Editing: There is a core difference between general photo editing and car photo editing. Product photo editing is focused on granular segments and details, and on the other hand, car outlook and features will be looked at in the bigger picture. So, car editing should have been done in a more professional way. But, while we are here, our experts are capable of doing The car photo editing in the most prominent way.


Let help us to take your business brand value next level by applying our proven method. 

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Clipping path/Cutout/Deep Etching
1 %
Photo Retouching/Glamour Retouching
1 %
Photo Manipulation/Raster to vector Conversion

Why need Photo Editing for your business

In this era of science and technology, online shopping is the greatest invention of science and technology. The more days are passing, the more technological advancements are adding into the e-commerce sector. People are not attracted only to the image now, people nowadays look at the quality images and want to feel the product while seeing the images. Can you imagine how many times you have discouraged yourself from purchasing the products due to poor quality images? Needless to say how important the images are. There are numerous reasons why your business needs a photo editing service, let’s have a look at some of them:

When customers browse your ecommerce website, they search for their desired product. If your product images are not attractive, they will discourage themselves from buying your product. So, photo editing is important.

If your captured photos have distracting elements and those photos remain unedited, customers' attention will be distracted due to distracting elements of the photos. To eliminate distracting elements from photos, you do not have any alternative except photo editing.

You may not want to waste money on models to display your clothes. In that case you can choose the ghost mannequin effect for your garment. You need experts to bring out the ghost mannequin effect.

What if you have captured a good photo but it becomes dull in look? To give the image a fresh look, you must need photo editing.

If you want to eliminate background from your images, you will need photo editing.

If your product photo has poor shadow or does not have any shadow, the photo will become unreal. In that case you will need photo editing experts to create the shadow on your photos.

If your photos have lost their color tone, or some areas are missed. You certainly need photo editing.

If your photo is missing an object or needs to replace an object, photo editing is required.

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    Why choose us for a photo editing service?

    Outsource 2 BD is the best photo editing services company in Bangladesh the photo editing industry. There are several reasons to choose us. Let’s have a look at some of the many reasons:

    Skilled Experts

    Expertise and experience is the greatest advantage of our photo editing professionals. They have great expertise and vast knowledge on most of the photo editing programs.

    Bulk Production Capacity

    Our experts have the capability to process (3000+) photos per day. If you have a bulk amount of photos, we will deliver you the finished products within prescribed time.

    High Quality Photo Editing Services

    A can get a good reputation only by providing the best service. We never think about quantity, we always prioritize the quality of services. Your satisfaction is our ultimate achievement.

    Fast and On-Time Delivery

    Your time is valuable. That’s why we always put our best efforts to get the high quality photos and deliver those on time.

    Quality Control by Experts

    Our photo editing process does not just end in photo editing. Each photo goes through a rugged quality checking process before handed over to you.

    Competitive Price

    We provide our photo editing services at a very affordable price. We may offer cheap prices but we never compromise on the quality of the services.

    Data Protection

    We know the importance of your photos to you. We are always aware of data protection. Not only that, we erase all the data you have given us for editing after we handed over the photos to you.

    Emergency Service

    If you are in need of processed photos within a short period, we have the capability to do this as well. Extra charges are applicable for the emergency service.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Outsource Photo Editing Service to Outsource 2 BD?

    If your captured photos are not attractive or have no fresh look, we are here to take the responsibility of beautifying your photo. It doesn’t matter that you have poor-quality photos, our photo editing experts will make them marvelous. Contact us at (insert phone number) or you can email us at (insert email address) or fill up our contact form for photo editing service Dhaka, we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

    What is the price for Photo Editing?

    We provide our photo editing service at a very reasonable price. Here is the price range of the image editing service.

    • If you have simple images that have a simple background or a solid color, or fewer details, etc., our price range for these images is 0.20$ to 0.40$.
    • If you have images that have a little bit more background details, color details, our price range for these images is 0.40$ to 0.80$.
    • If you have images that have complexity in every aspect, our price range for these images is 0.80$ to 2.00$

    Note: The pricing may vary depending on the complexity of your photos. We also offer attractive discount prices on bulk amounts of image editing

    How much does photo editing cost?

    Photo editing costs depend on the complexity of images and the number of images. We provide our photo editing services at a very reasonable price. We have mentioned above the price range for our photo editing service. Hope that will help you.

    How do we edit a product photo?

    There is a standard procedure that we follow to edit photos. In short, first of all, you have to contact us, then we will receive the order, we will go through your instructions. Then our team will start the editing procedure, and then quality checking will be done. We will send samples to you for review. After getting a positive response from you, we will finalize the delivery.

    What types of files do you prefer?

    You can send us your photos in any format whichever is comfortable for you. If you want to get the best result, the raw file is perfect. But, we do not have a specific preference on the file format.

    What do you need to start this order?

    To start the order, you have to communicate with us first, then we will agree to the deal, then you have to send us your photos. We will start the order.

    Which Format Will Be Best For My Website /Store?

    JPEG is the best for websites and eCommerce. Because it is lightweight in size and provides the best quality. But if you want transparent images, png format is the best.

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      I’m contacting Outsource2BD about:*

      Are you looking to grow online sales or leads?*

      Upload 2 file (Max 25MB)

      Tell us about your project & Goal (optional)

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      *Providing a phone number will allow us to easily contact you regarding questions we may have about your project

      seo company award

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      call us at
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