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Do you know how many people are use Facebook? Daily Facebook active user is 1.73 Billion. 54% are male facebook user and other are female and people are stay in Facebook 35 minute A day. And 74% of the users visit Facebook site daily. so you now understand how important Facebook is for your website branding. we outsource2BD as best facebook advertising agency in Bangladesh help you to grow your sales, traffic and leads.We always try to Focus (RIO) for our clients benefits. 

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How Facebook Advertisement Agency Can Make You a Winner  : Struggling for the success of your online business? Or, want to make money online? In that case, there is no alternative of hiring service from a Facebook advertisement agency. 


The fact is quite simple. We are living in the modern age of technology. And Facebook is one of the most popular platforms that everyone visits. So, if you run a Facebook boosting service in Bangladesh, you can earn a greater visibility. If people do not know about your product or services, you cannot expect a good business. You need Facebook advertising service to promote your products/ services. However, you might have ideas about the advertisement process and benefits. In this post, you will get some clarified ideas about the Facebook page promoter in bd. Also, you will know the key benefits of such campaigns.

Let’s start exploring the topic.

Facebook advertising service In BD

Before moving to the core of the topic, let’s get some ideas about Facebook advertising service. You all know what Facebook is – a social platform for everyone. Anyone with an active internet connection can use this platform. It’s completely free. You need to register yourself in the platform using your email address and by providing other necessary documents.

And Facebook advertisement is the way to advertise on this platform. This is almost similar like the traditional advertisement ways. You have to run a virtual promotional campaign.

Your intended audience will come to know about your product and services. Further, this is an inexpensive way to promote your products. The other impressive aspect is that you can reach a wider audience. And continuation of the campaign will help to spread your business.  

How Our Facebook Advertising Agency Works?

We provide Facebook boosting service in Bangladesh. And we are one of the leading service providers. Our Facebook page promoter in bd arrives with extensive numbers of features.

How we work

Setting up strategy

The first thing is that we set an advertisement strategy for your business. You know, one size does not fit all. So, we need to change the strategy based on your business goals.

Fixing your target client

As Best Facebook Ads Agency - emphasize on the target audience fixing. your not target your specific audience, no benefit of advertising. After analyzing your products & services, we set the target audience.

Making the ad

It is the other important task. We usually do it in two ways – either you supply it to us, or we need to make the advertisement for you. And we are comfortable in both the practices.

Impact measuring

Measuring the impact is also our routine job. We regularly monitor the condition of the campaigns. If there is any downtrend, we take necessary measure to bring pace in the process.

Facebook Page Like Packages

Ad Campaign 1 2 3 5
AD Duration Custom Custom Custom Custom
Like (Approx) 7500 +/- Likes 25000 +/- Likes 50000 +/- Likes 1 Lacs
Total Cost 10,000.00BDT/150$ 25,000.00 BDT/350$ 50,000.00 BDT/750$ 10,0000.00 BDT/1500$

Facebook Post Boost Packages

AD Duration Custom Custom Custom Custom
No. Of Post 1 Post 2 Post 4 Post 6 Post
Estimated Reach 10k – 50k 25k – 80k 45k – 1 Lac 70k – 2 Lac
Total Budget $50 USD $100 USD $200 USD $500 USD
Total Cost Tk. 5,000.00 BDT Tk. 10,000.00 BDT Tk. 19,000.00 BDT Tk. 45,000.00 BDT

Why is Facebook Advertising Important?

Now, you are familiar with this platform and advertisement in it. But do you know that Facebook advertisement can generate lead to your business? And within a short time? Well, most of the people lack this idea. Every day we see a good number of advertisements around us. And many of those are in virtual arena including Facebook, Tweeter, Youtube and others. Consequently, we come to know about the products. And at times, we take the service or the products to meet our needs. However, there are some other reasons why such advertisements are important. They are explained in brief here.

Quick campaign

The first and most important aspect is that you will have a quick campaign. Most of the cases, it takes times to conduct a physical campaign. But being virtual in nature, you can easily run the campaign. In fact, it will take less time to prepare and circulate your promotion.

Target-based audience

The other impressive benefit is that you will have a target based audience. It’s set from a complex algorithm. So, your advertisements will show up on the news feed of those who need it. Thus, you can reach the audiences automatically. But it’s a big deal in real life.

Facebook Advertising content creation + Professional FB page setup + Graphic creation service package 

Facebook page creation & Full setup 3000 taka / 40$
Professoinal facebook page Logo Design 1000 taka / 15$/td>
Professional facebook banner design 1000 taka / 15$
Target audience Facebook campaign boosting Start from 750 taka/ 10$
Facebook page/group content creation + Graphics 1000 taka/10$ (per post)

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    Benefits of Facebook Marketing Service 

    The Best Facebook Ads Agency can provide you with a large number of positive benefits. The very first thing is that your business will grow. There would be no negative growth. Usually, the negative growth occurs when there are less businesses. But when you use the Facebook page promotor in bd, the scenarios will be different. In fact, a Facebook advertising agency in bd plays a key role to uplift a business. Some of the key benefits are explained in a nutshell below.

    I’m sure they will blow your mind away.

    People are mostly Facebook-oriented. They spend most of the time in their news feed. So, your advertisement will grab their attention.

    • It helps to add new base of customers. If you run a promotion on Facebook, you will gradually develop the base. And this is a natural outcome.
    • Advertisement on Facebook is cheaper as well. You need not to break your bank to have this type of advertisement.
    • Instant action is another impressive benefit of Facebook advertisement. When you advertise on this platform, you will get immediate result. It takes less time to affect the purchasing behavior of the intended clients.
    • Engaging environment in the virtual arena is another plus. When you advertise, you will get lots of feedback’s and response from the clients’ end. This is a great option to interact with the potential clients. Consequently, it leads to increased sales as well.
    facebook boosting company dhaka

    So, you are now aware about the Facebook advertising company. And how they work. This post might have injected some ideas to your mind. But don’t get confused to select the right Facebook Marketing Agency. There are numbers of such service providers. However, not all of them are the best as like we are.

    If you really need to avail Facebook advertising service, feel free to contact us. We will ensure you have a solid business growth by the course of time.

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