How add cookies alert in blogger

If you want to add a cookies alert to your blog website follow our article or you can follow below video to do it easily. You have to use an additional code that’s attached below, just copy this code with your blogger header and save it.

 how to add cookie consent or cookies Alert on Blogger website


follow this easy and step-by-step guide to do it first of all you have to open this website and you will get this website link in this video description below once you are in this website you have to copy this code from here


<div class=’cookie-box’> <div class=’cookie-row’> <div class=’cookie-img’><svg viewBox=’0 0 97.93 97.93′ xmlns=’’><path d=’M44,23.76a2.47,2.47,0,1,0,.91,3.37A2.47,2.47,0,0,0,44,23.76Z’></path><path d=’M25.9,40.32a2.47,2.47,0,0,0,0,4.93h0a2.47,2.47,0,1,0,0-4.93Z’></path><circle cx=’32.08′ cy=’65.86′ r=’2.47′></circle><path d=’M56.38,69.91a2.47,2.47,0,1,0,1.14,1.49A2.47,2.47,0,0,0,56.38,69.91Z’></path><path d=’M72,52.68a2.47,2.47,0,0,0-2.38,1.83,2.44,2.44,0,0,0,.25,1.87,2.47,2.47,0,0,0,4.52-.59,2.44,2.44,0,0,0-.25-1.87A2.47,2.47,0,0,0,72,52.68Z’></path><path d=’M89.51,52.86A14,14,0,0,1,81,47.2,14.09,14.09,0,0,1,61,35.68,14.09,14.09,0,0,1,49.49,15.73a14,14,0,0,1-5.66-8.55,44,44,0,0,0-21.09,6.15A44.26,44.26,0,0,0,71.46,87.08,44.24,44.24,0,0,0,89.51,52.86ZM28.28,43.42a2.47,2.47,0,0,1-2.38,1.83h0a2.47,2.47,0,1,1,2.38-1.83Zm3.8,24.9a2.47,2.47,0,1,1,2.47-2.47A2.47,2.47,0,0,1,32.08,68.32ZM44.92,27.13A2.47,2.47,0,1,1,44,23.76,2.47,2.47,0,0,1,44.92,27.13ZM57.28,73.27a2.47,2.47,0,1,1-.9-3.36,2.47,2.47,0,0,1,.9,3.36ZM74.42,55.79a2.47,2.47,0,1,1-.25-1.87A2.45,2.45,0,0,1,74.42,55.79Z’ fill=’#7577a9′></path><path d=’M97.93,48.52v-.2A2.35,2.35,0,0,0,95.7,46a9.37,9.37,0,0,1-8-5.45,2.35,2.35,0,0,0-3.49-.93,9.51,9.51,0,0,1-5.44,1.72A9.4,9.4,0,0,1,69.39,31.1a2.35,2.35,0,0,0-2.55-2.55c-.28,0-.57,0-.85,0a9.39,9.39,0,0,1-7.68-14.81,2.35,2.35,0,0,0-.93-3.49,9.37,9.37,0,0,1-5.45-8A2.35,2.35,0,0,0,49.61,0H49a49,49,0,1,0,49,49C97.93,48.82,97.93,48.67,97.93,48.52ZM71.46,87.08A44.26,44.26,0,0,1,22.74,13.33,44,44,0,0,1,47.53,4.72a14,14,0,0,0,5.66,8.55A14.09,14.09,0,0,0,64.71,33.22,14.09,14.09,0,0,0,84.66,44.75a14,14,0,0,0,8.56,5.66A44.3,44.3,0,0,1,71.46,87.08Z’></path></svg></div> <div class=’cookie-content’> <p>Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. <a href=’’ target=’_blank’ title=’Learn more’>Learn more</a></p> <button class=’cookie-buttons’>Accept!</button> </div> </div> </div> <style> .cookie-box.hide{display:none} .cookie-box { position: fixed; width: 90%; margin: 20px; max-width: 400px; min-height: 100px; background-color: #ffffff; box-shadow: 25px 12px 25px 12px rgb(30 30 30 / 4%); z-index: 990; border: 2px solid lightgrey; border-radius: 6px; bottom: 15px; right: 0px; padding: 15px; } .cookie-row { position: relative; display: -webkit-box; display: -ms-flexbox; display: flex; text-align: left; align-content: center; justify-content: center; align-items: center; } .cookie-img{padding-right:20px} .cookie-img svg{fill:#333;width:60px;height: 60px;} .cookie-content p { position: relative; width: 100%; display: inline-block; font-size: 15px; color: #666666; margin-top: 0!important; } .cookie-content p a{text-decoration:underline;} .cookie-buttons { position: relative; width: 100%; margin-top: 10px; float: left; background-color: #7577a9; font-family: inherit; font-size: 14px; color: #ffffff; text-decoration: none; opacity: 1; border: none; cursor: pointer; font-weight: 500; padding: 5px; border-bottom: 2px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.1); border-radius: 6px; } </style> <script>//<![CDATA[ cookieChoices = {}; const cookieBox = document.querySelector(“.cookie-box”), acceptBtn = cookieBox.querySelector(“button”); acceptBtn.onclick = ()=>{ document.cookie = “CookieByKey2Blogging; max-age=”+60*60*24*30; if(document.cookie){ cookieBox.classList.add(“hide”); }else{ alert(“Cookie can’t be set! Please unblock this site from the cookie setting of your browser.”); } } let checkCookie = document.cookie.indexOf(“CookieByKey2Blogging”); checkCookie != -1 ? cookieBox.classList.add(“hide”) : cookieBox.classList.remove(“hide”); //]]></script>

once you copy it go to your blogger and click on theme and now we have to edit our theme HTML code so click on this drop- down and select edit

HTML Now search for the closing body tag that is just gener really the second last line of your theme code so here is my closing body tag now all you Happ to in just paste the code just above it and click on

Save now I’m going to opening my blogger

site and as you can see the cookie concept has been successfully added to my my blogger side so this is how we can do it if you find this video helpful don’t forget to subscribe how to 1 minute see you in the next video

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